Financial and Capital Services

We aim to completely revolutionise the financial services business and provide long-term value to our investors.

Finance blood line of any business. But rarely we understand importance of managing , the power of finance is never unlocked. As Strategic Finance partnew we enable capability building to Co-Create common understanding for finance and business, to develop unique ability of becoming proactive and pragmatic enbling BIG PICTURE thinking. Internal capability building with external expertise of Fund Raising, Financial planning, Business Reporting, energise with AI Driven Compliance reporting and Book Keeping is

Empower your financial journey with our services, guiding you through pre- and post-financial restructuring. We offer strategic action plans and contingency preparations to navigate the complexities, ensuring a robust and resilient financial future for your business

Established since 1974 and having presence in all major cities of India and , we have privilege of constantly interacting with startups and Business as well as HNI and Investors, so either if client is looking for help to invest or need assistance to raise capital, our experience of buyside/sell side advisory and network in 90 Countries will be of advantage.

A Merger or an Acquisition is not made on the negotiation table or in a board room. It is all those things that happen after they come together, and appreciating before they decided to be together. We help businesses unlock this value with an objective oriented, procedurally structured, outcome based view to synergy. We hand hold clients from Due Diligence, Synergy analytics, transaction structuring, transaction management or post transaction integration.