Litigation, GRC Transaction Advisory

We stay up to date on the latest rules and regulations governing our industry, and we provide our clients with high-quality legal services. We assist both people and corporations with their legal needs.

Empowering clients since 1967, our legal prowess spans all India courts, offering strategic, swift, and cost-effective dispute resolution, litigation and international Arbitration service. Choose us for expert opinion, contract negotiation, and hardcore litigation options."

When it comes to Navigating complexities in secretarial matters. Our expertise enabled by cloud solutions and AI applications ensure seamless compliance, corporate governance, and regulatory excellence. Trust us to handle your corporate secretarial needs with precision and proficiency, what we assure is value for money services."

At the heart of this offering lies the design of GRC frameworks, risk registers, and compliance solutions along with mitigation plan. We specialize in crafting and implementing SOPs, firmly believing that effective Risk Management should seamlessly integrate into organizational culture, not just isolated exercises. We've got it all covered

Company Resolution Matters, With more than 150 cases and 20 resolution professional part of network our team claims to be one of most experienced in IBC Bankruptcy Code and Corporate Resolution. With our help one can Navigate financial challenges seamlessly ensuring a strategic approach to financial resolution and recovery."

We construct a specific offshore business structure that lowers your worldwide tax responsibilities, diversify your business abroad, secure your assets, design specific residency programs starting with the domicile, jurisdiction, taxation and type of entity.

"We work with onshore business of clients with our comprehensive support services, From managing contracts and GDPR compliance to succession planning, and business continuity – we guide clients through every strategic move, ensuring resilience and success in a dynamic business landscape."