Assistance provided to electrical contractors for avoiding double taxation.

Our client is a massive electrical contracting business located in New Zealand. The company has developed industrial electrical and control systems and expanded its activities to Australia.

The Context

Our client required master counsel on fitting Australian tax assessment alternatives to particularly dodge twofold tax collection and adjust its monetary detailing periods from the Australian monetary year finishing on 30 June to Modern Zealand’s assess year finishing on 31 Walk. In expansion, ECOVIS KGA given help with the set-up and audit of modern finance conventions.

Our Solutions

We checked on the company’s exchanging history and corporate structure that had been set up in Australia by past consultants. We at that point considered an assortment of arrangements with a pro/con investigation, and in discussion with ECOVIS KGA prescribed the ideal arrangement for our client. This approach permitted us to supply the client with an encompassing and down to business survey of the situation and present them with the foremost reasonable arrangements to their problem.


ECOVIS KGA’s suggestions were acknowledged and the client continued with execution. We are presently working to advance interchange budgetary year-end announcing and are helping with bookkeeping and finance work set-up.

Category: Start-up, 4th June, 2022

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