“mentor-bi” is an offering developed by two international consulting firms that have consulted with well-known organisations. Each firm brings expertise in building key elements that strengthen an organisation's DNA for growing sustainably. The offerings are built on strong frameworks & technologies that help co-create business impact with ownership of the organisation team.

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Which of these challenges are you experiencing the most in your organisation?
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1 I see a lot of opportunities for business growth. However, the rest of the team is not aligned with it.
2 Our growth has not been as fast as we would like it to be.
3 We have not succeeded with many of our new products as planned.
4 Our profitability is not as high as we want it to be.
5 We have cash flow challenges.
6 If only we had more funds, we would grow faster.
7 We struggle in assessing the performance of our people
8 We are not consistent in our performance year-on-year.
9 We have difficulty in scaling up.
10 We have incured penalty or financial losses due to non compliance.
11 Our statutory audits highlight many areas of improvement.
12 We are constantly fire fighting.
13 Our employees are not clear about their responsibilities.
14 We don't get best quality talent.
15 My team is not competent enough.