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The main motive of our company which is completely aimed at is to render professional services to its potential clients from different fields of the varied economy sectors. Out of the services facilitated so far, in the year 2015, one of our clients in need of the services was a non-profit organization whose functionality was for the accommodation services, gym facilities, social events, restaurants and sports events, etc.

The Context

The organization from us needed to identify and detect opportunities for a positive outcome in determining the cash flow.

After going into an in-depth and vast and comprehensive assessment, we could detect drawbacks in terms of accession of goods & services and decentralization or fragmentation of purchases carried out in the absence of the policies that defined the basis of the goods and services.

Our Solutions

In conjunction with the GIA Integral Supply Management, we formulated a plan to achieve initial success in terms of influencing cash flow, and a corresponding plan to integrate the procedure into the client’s organizational culture and build the supply management platform that would allow flow with transparency according to policies defined by senior management. Henceforth, the arbitration attained achieved savings within the region of 11% of the total purchases made. This percentage, further resulted in utilization, as the basis for determination of the cost of the consultancy service facilitated.


Presently, the client is enjoying the perks of savings achieved by applying our methodology, plan, and strategies, and by making an enhancement to its technological platform.


ECOVIS is in joint efforts with Rodrigo Moreno Navarrete, Chief Executive Officer, ECOVIS Colombia

Category: Start-up, 4th June, 2022

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