A Lending Hand for the procuration of the client!

With the mission of owning and operating high-quality wireless infrastructure sites in stable markets, PTI was established in the year 2013.

The Context

In the initial stage, PTI commissioned us to convert the annual financial statements of its company in Colombia from IFRS to US GAAP. They valued Ecovis' work ethic and accordingly hired us to handle their tax services in Costa Rica. In the meantime, the company's CEO and CFO have confirmed that it intends to contract services with us in all other locations.

Our Solutions

Ecovis Costa Rica offers the client a fanatical service supervised by its accounting and tax partner. Our client was positively affected by Ecovis’ prompt responses to their requests. The PTI account was once handled by an esteemed international skilled services firm. Having compared our services with theirs, our client determined to award Ecovis with their account.


Ecovis is operating PTI’s tax matters in Costa Rica and will be extending its range of services to PTI both in Costa Rica and to all their other locations.


ECOVIS is in joint efforts with Alberto Porras Rojas, Partner, ECOVIS GCF Costa Rica

Category: Start-up, 4th June, 2022

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